Work With a Team of Aviation Quality Assurance Experts

Ambassador Certification is a company whose core purpose is to create and implement properly scaled, fully customized quality manuals or quality systems, for the aviation manufacturing industry.

Ambassador Certification will create/author, train, implement, correct and install a fully customized Quality Manual to meet Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 21, § 21.137(a)-(o).


Ambassador Certification is especially effective and highly experienced at guiding new prospective aviation manufacturers’ from start to finish. If you are seeking to manufacture, mark and sell parts for installation on Type Certificated aircraft, you need a Production Approval.

Following Ambassador Certification’s guidance using a process we call Production Assurance, you will obtain Design and Production Approval from the FAA.

Ambassador Certification Solves Problems for aircraft and aircraft parts manufacturers, aircraft owners and operators, and even those who wish to buy or sell aircraft.


Ambassador Certification has current experience in affecting successful turnarounds of poor performing manufacturers. We mitigate FAA regulatory compliance issues.

Ambassador Certification has a Delegated Airworthiness Representative, Manufacturing DAR-F, on staff to handle your airworthiness certification needs. If you are needing original airworthiness certification or FAA-approval of domestic and export shipments, we have that covered too. Conformity Inspections, Installation Conformity and Type Inspection Authorization, covered. We are a One-Stop Shop, if you have a problem, we will find the right answer.